Our Story

Blazer Beverage is the collaboration of the talent and passion of Amarilys V. Drozdz and Tom Carbon, friends for over 25 years. The road to Blazer Beverage began with both having experienced success in the business world. Amarilys held management positions in several multi-national corporations and is an expert in operations. Tom built two successful entrepreneurial businesses founded on sales, marketing and business development. Their varied work experience, friendship, and love of good wine led them to their next venture of wine distribution. When deciding on a name for their new company, they referenced their friendship. Tom and Amarilys’ husband, Scott, attended high school together in Addison, Illinois, and their school sports mascot was Blazer. Hence the name-BLAZER BEVERAGE.

Blazer Beverage offers its buyers exclusive, unique and differentiated wines from the best wine regions around the world. Their partners include multi-generational estate wineries as well as wine makers focused on hand crafted, limited run wines. The majority of the wines distributed by Blazer Beverage are sustainable and vegan. Amarilys and Tom made sure to seek the input of their friends and families as they narrowed down their wine selections so that they could be sure the wines would be enjoyed by all.

Blazer Beverage’s goal is to add to the culinary, cultural, and social reputation of the area it serves. Amarilys’ and Tom’s intention is that Blazer Beverage will give them the opportunity to enhance the community by allowing them to give back through participation and contribution to local charities and events.


Amarilys V. Drozdz

Chief Executive Manager

Amarilys Vargas-Drozdz was born in Puerto Rico, home to one of the world’s largest rum producers.  As the daughter of a liquor salesman, Amarilys (yes, like the flower), grew up in a family in which every gathering of family and friends quickly turned into a celebration. Add some music, food and drinks- whether it be rum or wine- and memories were always made. Combine her love for toasting to all of life’s events, along with her entrepreneurial drive and her 30 plus years experience in the manufacturing engineering field, and you have Blazer Beverage. Amarilys ended up calling Arizona home in 1994 and the Sonoran Desert is where Blazer Beverage will introduce everyone to a broad range of wines.  Amarilys is eager for Blazer Beverage to allow others to make all life moments special.


Thomas J. Carbon

Managing Member

Tom Carbon is the youngest of nine children from a very close-knit family in Addison, Illinois. Being from such a large family, Tom has always valued sharing meals and conversation with family and friends. His love of food and socializing intersected with his business life. Tom has had a lifetime of successes as an entrepreneur and has spent the last 25 year building a successful Tech company while working on other projects along the way. Business dinners became the norm over the years and wine was introduced to him as a complement to the food. Tom’s passion for food and great wine has brought him to this point. Having gone to college in Arizona, he also finds the Sonoran Desert the perfect place to share the great wines of Blazer Beverage. Tom looks forward to sharing his love of wine and introducing everyone to some new and unexpected selections.

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