Benessere Vineyards Black Glass Zinfandel


    • Region: Napa Valley, California
    • Package: 12 x 750ml
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The 2018 growing season got a relatively late start due to a cool and blessedly rainy Spring.  Summer temperatures remained moderate, with a brief and relatively mild heat spike at the end of July.  Our harvest began 15 days later than in 2017, and proceeded at a slow and steady pace, affording us the luxury of picking at peak flavor develeopment and relatively low Brix.  Our last pick was on November 6, setting a record for our latest harvest.  Yields were up relative to the last several years and the quality is outstanding.



Our estate Black Glass Vineyard Zinfandel takes its name from the obsidian that surfaces in the vineyard after each rain. In the winery we treat our Zinfandel as gently as our Sangiovese. We ferment in open top tanks and gently punch down twice each day. When the fermentation is complete the wine matures in neutral French oak barrels.


Tasting Notes

Our Black Glass Zinfandel is back with a bang! With rich hues that pop and inviting aromatics, it is expansive on the palate, offering bold flavors and a spicy finish. Our vineyard site’s signature black raspberry flavors are joined by cherry and violet and rose petal notes, as well as cocoa powder-dusted dark chocolate.



This wine will pair beautifully with eggplant parmigiana, a hunk of pecorino romano with a crusty ciabatta, or a roast pork loin with a porcini mushroom reduction.