Voce Bella Pinot Grigio

  • Region: Terre Siciliane
  • Package: 12 x 750ml
  • Winery
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Tasting Notes

Dry and crispy wine with intriguing Mediterranean notes of green apple, pear, and floral bouquet. On the palate, it has excellent taste with notes of pear and citrus with a clear freshness.


Winemakers’ Notes

Female beauty is represented through colors, not mixed together but like a series of dots that show how the total is made up of many small singularities. This is also the case in Cantine Ermes, a reality in which beauty (which, for a winery, expresses itself through wine) is made by the union of many different small winemakers – the dots – in fact, which together lead to great results.


Food Suggestions

Excellent as an aperitif or on its own, in any occasion.